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9 pretty carry-ons 2021 – what is the best carry-on


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There is a lot to do to find the right carry-on baggage. Obviously you want a sturdy, spacious one, and Compact enough to fit in most overhead airline luggage compartments. You know, the technical stuff! But, let’s be real here, you too want a nice carry-on because your ~ airport dress aesthetic ~ is important. (Reliable.)

TBH, finding a nice piece of luggage that checks all the boxes isn’t always easy. You either get a drab suitcase that’s pretty darn solid or a nice one that’s actually flimsy AF. Corn you don’t have to endure the stress of shopping among the thousands of carry-on bags available on the interweb, because I helped you out and put together a bunch of cute carry-ons (with wheels!) you can trust that they last a long time.

Below you’ll find chic and durable options that can stand up to being tossed at baggage claim and will also make your Instagram vacation photos look fiery (priorities). Many of them even have all kinds of cool and practical characteristics, too much! Some come with ejectable USB chargers, an expandable patch, and even scratch-resistant outer shells. I love to see it!

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this one with a solid exterior

Carry On ABS + PC Spinner Trolley

This gray beauty is small but powerful. It has a durable hard shell, but light like its exterior and it has a textured finish to prevent scratches.


this one with a retro look

Aviator Luggage

OMI, this jewel screams travel influencer. If you wanna look like the fanciest jet setter at the airport, opt for this vintage-inspired beauty made from recyclable materials.


this fan favorite

Largest carry-on baggage

People love Away carry-on for a reason! This style is larger than a regular carry-on, but can still fit in most hanging bins. Not only is it elegant and pleasant eyes, but it’s also very useful and versatile with its ejectable USB charger and TSA-approved combination lock.


this one with a front clutch pocket

Zipper Carry-On Max with front pocket

Brightly colored carry-on is a cute way to add a pop of color to your airport look. Take this luminous stunner for your next trip which has a hard shell front pocket – that means easy but protective access to whatever you want to have on hand.


this candle option

The expedition

If you are looking for a luxury carry-on, I suggest you take a look at this design from Roam. Its two-tone colourway is so elegant (and will make you to feel like a first class flyer) – plus it has an ergonomic handle to make the ride super comfortable for you.


this high quality treasure

To continue

This terrazzo beauty is sure to be a star. And the vegan leather details make it even more chic.


that elegant look

Bright textured carry-on luggage

I don’t know if I’ve seen a more sophisticated carry-on baggage before, TBH.


this one with extra space

Sand Tide hand luggage

This cute baby was inspired by the sandy coast, and it’s stretchy, so there’s room for every time you overload (which is, maybe, all the time).


this monochrome design

The cabin roller

You will be the coolest on board when you get this gorge, monochromatic accessory by your side. It’s sturdy, stretchy, and has a zippered pocket inside to hold your smaller and more delicate items.

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