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7 most surprising items banned from hand luggage


The next time you pack your suitcase, you should check what you are taking with you on the plane.

A number of items are prohibited on board, which may lead you to throw them away or have to check in your suitcase.

Experts from International Citizens Insurance have warned that while taking only carry-on baggage can lower flight prices, not fully reading airline restrictions could cause a lot of upheaval upon arrival at security.

Items travelers will want to leave in their hand luggage include baby food and hair dye.

“Making sure everything you take home is allowed on the plane is an easy way to avoid a stressful experience once you reach the airport,” said a spokesperson for International Citizens Insurance.

“Some items may not be considered a problem when packing, but when safety is considered it becomes clear why they are not allowed in carry-on baggage. Having things removed from you and possibly fined is not how you want to start or end your journey. Each airline may have different restrictions, so it’s important to check every time you travel.

Here is a recap of some of the prohibited carry-on baggage.

Hair dye

If changing your hair color was high on your vacation list, think again, because the chemical peroxide in the dye is banned on flights.


Due to the consistency of the spread, no more than 100ml can be carried on the plane in hand luggage. Similar home comforts such as jams and honey also fall under the liquid restrictions.

A corkscrew

If you had planned to grab a bottle of wine or two when you got to your destination, it would be best to stick with the screw caps or buy a corkscrew once you get there as they are not allowed.

Frozen food

What may have been frozen when you placed it in your bag can be thawed once it arrives at check-in. This means that you could violate the 100ml liquid limit on flights.

Baby food

If you are traveling without a baby, items such as baby food and sterilized water are not allowed in carry-on baggage. You can, however, take enough of these items for the trip if you are traveling with an infant.

Free electronic devices

If you can’t turn on your devices at the request of security personnel, they can take it away from you, jeopardizing your vacation photos.

Trekking poles

If your idea of ​​the perfect vacation is spending time walking and taking in the scenery, your poles should be stowed in the cargo hold or purchased / rented after the plane has landed.

This article originally appeared on The Sun and has been reprinted with permission

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