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7 evening outfits and the accessories that suit them best


FFinding the perfect evening outfit can sometimes be a struggle in itself. Naturally, you want something that makes you feel elegant, sexy, and feminine. But just as crucial as finding the perfect number, the accessories you choose to pair it with can make or break your final look. You might be tempted to stick to your favorite jewelry or reliable heels when wearing formal clothesbut take the extra time to think carefully about how best to highlight the important features of your outfit, which will enhance your look tenfold.

When it comes to evening wear accessories, what works for one outfit won’t necessarily work for another. Indeed, the design, details, style, etc. all come into play, posing a challenge to beginners. However, it doesn’t have to be difficult. The key is to consider the “elements” of your evening attire, then select the accessories that complement it. For example, a very ornate outfit, especially in the neck area, can do without a statement necklace. On the other hand, big jewelry says it all when paired with a simple dress.

Plus, you’ll need to consider the overall vibe of your ensemble, because if you’re aiming for a minimalist approach, your accessories need to dance to the same tune. That said, there is one important thing to remember with evening wear accessories when it comes to the outfit itself: the neckline. This may be the first place to look when considering what jewelry to pair with your outfit, as a deep V and a cowl neck don’t necessarily require the same necklace. Lucky for you, we’ve got you covered.

Here are 7 common necklines and the evening accessories to pair with them…

#1. The V

A dress with a V-neckline leaves plenty of empty space for you to adorn it with your finest necklaces. You want to complement the cut instead of selecting something that will catch your neckline. A long pendant is an elegant option for this style of dress. It draws the eye to the neckline while giving the area a more defined look. Experiment with different chain lengths to keep your pendant from reaching your neckline. Ideally, it should come just above your chest.


#2. Strapless

A strapless dress leaves your arms and upper chest exposed. Plus, it usually has a specially designed neckline to add an extra element to the overall look. For this reason, it would be best to avoid covering the dress with jewelry and allow it to speak for itself. Instead, opt for a statement pair of earrings, preferably something reasonably dramatic. They will do a great job of framing your face, elongating your neck, and letting your dress shine as the perfect complement to this alluring style.


#3. off-the-shoulder

Off the shoulder evening wear usually comes in two styles. Either both shoulders will be exposed or it will be a one shoulder design. If both shoulders are exposed, use the same ideas as a strapless dress by wearing bold earrings to frame the look. On the other hand, if there are additional details on the top of the item, consider a simpler pair of earrings to complement but not overpower the style. If your dress is one-shoulder, match an eye-catching bracelet to the wrist that is uncovered. This accentuates the uneven nature of the dress, which is a feature you want to highlight, not downplay.

#4. Lover

A sweetheart neckline is a built-in style feature on its own. But, unlike most fashion advice that recommends against matching jewelry with a busy neckline, it’s quite the opposite. When styled correctly, this sexy design becomes fashion chic. You can choose a pair of elegant and sophisticated earrings, preferably ones that don’t dangle, to add little drama to your look. But, by far, the best option is a chunky necklace. Something short enough to draw attention to your face but not a choker. At no time should the choker and your dress overlap.


#5. Halter

A halter dress is naturally very busy around the neckline. However, your statement pieces should not be necklaces or earrings as they will create too much to look around your face. Instead, focus your attention on bracelets, bangles, and rings. Depending on your personal style, you can choose one or two trendy bracelets with a ring set to complete your look. Alternatively, you can stack gold or silver bracelets for a more dramatic effect, as long as you don’t mind the clicking noise.


#6. Tank

Tank dresses are designed to flaunt long, loose lines and create an airy feel to your style. Chunky chunky jewelry will completely neutralize this effect and make your outfit look heavy and overdone. Instead, choose a simple pair of dainty earrings or an equally dainty necklace and turn your attention to rings. You don’t need to wear one on each finger, but adorning your hands with multiple bands and gemstones will give you elegance without weighing you down.

#seven. Crew

If you’re not familiar with what a crew dress style is, it’s when your entire upper body is covered in fabric. Sometimes it is an embellished fabric like lace or simply an extension of the fabric of the dress itself. Typically, the dress is balanced with a shorter hemline, but you can easily find full skirt options. This style of dress is exquisite but can look quite monotonous. To make this easier, consider layered necklaces. Again, nothing too chunky or extravagant, but two or three complementary chains will create something interesting to look at without taking away the shine from the dress itself.

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You can still use these additional accessories…

While jewelry seems the natural option to turn to when it comes to evening wear accessories, it’s certainly not the only option. The simple fact is that there are people who don’t like wearing jewelry or prefer to show off their outfits in other ways. In this case, pay attention to hair, makeup, shoes and handbags. Add pops of color with fun heels or choose a clutch with an exciting pattern to pair with a dress with a simple design. The only rule here is not to accessorize too much.. They should not compete with each other or dominate other items you are wearing. Less is always more in this department.

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