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2022 Multistrada V4 gains new color, technical update and accessories


Ducati’s Multistrada V4 has had a monster year in 2021. The highly revised adventure bike won European Bike of the Year and outperformed all other models in Ducati’s 2021 lineup. The Bologna brand hopes to build on that momentum in 2022, outfitting the big-bore ADV with a new colorway, an updated electronics suite and rider-requested accessories.

The current Multistrada V4 range includes the brand’s Ducati Red branding and a modern Aviator Gray (excluding Sport and Pikes Peak liveries). For 2022, designers are mixing things up while maintaining the company’s elevated aesthetic with an Iceberg White color scheme. While the new livery adds another option to the Multi’s repertoire, the paint job will start at $26,295 and won’t be available in North America until Q3 2022.

More immediately available, the semi-automatic suspension of the 2022 Multistrada V4 also benefits from a new minimum preload function. Taking inspiration from a page in Harley-Davidson’s book, the feature temporarily lowers the Multi’s ride height to help those with reduced mobility reach the ground and to improve urban and two-up handling.

Ducati is also upgrading the ADV’s infotainment system and human-machine interface with the 2022 model, but 2021 MTS owners can also receive the update. From March 15, 2022, the brand will contact current Multistrada V4 owners via the MyDucati App to schedule an update appointment at a trusted Ducati Service Center.

Along with the minimum preload feature, Ducati will also be introducing a new lowering kit to the V4 parts catalog. Consisting of fork springs, shock springs and a side stand, the set will lower the Multi’s seat height by 20 mm (0.8 inches). Alongside Ducati’s low seat (-30mm/-1.2in), the lowering kit can lower the seat height of the MTS as low as 31.5in.

Finally, a set of durable aluminum panniers and top cases will meet the needs of off-road explorers. Jointly designed by Ducati and Givi, the aluminum luggage matches the adventure bike’s cosmetics while offering 76 liters of capacity. The heat-sealed and waterproof inner bags also offer optimal protection and convenience for transporting the rider’s most precious possessions. 2021 may have been the year of the Multistrada V4, but that hasn’t stopped Ducati from improving on its winning formula.